Tri-Band Mobile Antenna

140 - 170MHz
450 - 490MHz
730 - 800MHz

Unity at 140-170MHz, 30MHz
3dB at 450-490MHz, 40MHz
3dB at 730-800MHz, 70MHz

Finish: BLACK

Mounting: Standard TAD/NMO type

LENGTH: 20" ( 50.8cm )



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The A1510WTB is a Tri-Band Mobile Antenna. IT provides Unity gain on VHF and 3 dB gain on UHF. In addition, this antenna also provides 3 dB gain on the 700 MHz band. It provides over 30 MHz of beandwidth at VHF and 40 MHz at UHF. At 750 MHz it has 70 MHz beandwidth with less than 2:1 VSWR and NO Tuning is needed.

The A1510WTB antenna has an ABS base with an ultrasonic welded brass insert and gold plated spring-loaded contact. This ensure Long term reliability. 

These Comtelco brand is now a Mobile Mark brand. It has a TAD/NMO type mount and provides excellent mousture seal even if the antenna is removed!

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