A4641 Low Profile UHF

Low Profile UHF

Frequency Ranges: 
A4641BN-406      406-420MHz
A4641BN-420      420-435MHz
A4641BN-440      440-450MHz
A4641BN-450      450-465MHz
A4641BN-465      465-480MHz
A4641BN-480      480-490MHz
A4641BN-490      490-512MHz

Note for Above: Model SKU shows “B” to reference the BLACK finished models, and "N" references configurations with "N" termination. See Spec sheet for nomenclature. Specify "W" in SKU for WHITE finish model for standard configuration with TAD/NMO mount.

Gain: Unity

Finish: BLACK or WHITE

Mounting: Standard TAD/NMO type OR "N" Termination

2 3/4″ ( 6.9cm ) for the Standard Configuration TAD/NMO mount
or 2 5/8″ ( 6.6 cm ) for the Configuration with an “N” termination


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The A4641 is a Low-Profile UHF Surface Mount Antenna. It provides unity gain and is designed for heavy-duty service. It is a reliable option for Public Safety and Government agencies. It comes in a black or white finish. With rugged and reliable performance, it features a heavy-duty chrome-plated brass base and gold-plated spring-loaded contact.

Two mounting options are available for this antenna. The standard configuration uses a TAD/NMO mount. The NMO mount recommended with this antenna offers an excellent moisture seal, even when the antenna is removed. Alternatively, the antenna can be configured with an “N” type connector exiting the base of the antenna. This antenna style is recommended for tamperproof installations. It can also be used as a ceiling mount or a bulkhead cabinet type mount.

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