WiFi Device Antenna Board

Frequency: 2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz

Gain: 2 dBi

Designed to be integrated/embedded into OEM design.


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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

Customize the antenna model to meet your requirements.

The EM-2400/5500 WiFi Device Antenna board is extremely compact, measuring 1.42″ x .475″ (36 mm x 12 mm). The antenna exhibits an omni-directional radiation pattern. These antennas have been installed in applications as diverse as body-worn clothing, handheld devices, and smart meters. These off-the-shelf designs will typically meet performance requirements for most WiFi devices. But, if there is something unusual about the final setting or application, Mobile Mark can help with a custom design.

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