Dual Feed Embedded Flexible Antenna

Frequency: ISM 863 - 928 MHz, 2.4 - 2.5 GHz

Gain: 2 dBi

Standard Connectors U.FL

Cables 1 & 2 RG-178, 6” (152 mm)


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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

Customize the antenna model to meet your requirements.

The EM-900/2400 Embedded Flexible Antenna is an ideal ISM solution. It is extremely compact, measuring 3.2” Length x .60 Width” ( 81mmx 24mm ).

These antennas have been installed in applications as diverse as body-worn clothing, handheld devices, and smart meters. It features an innovative PCB flexible circuit board material that bends and contours. In addition, this allows the antenna to fit in almost any space or enclosure.

If there is something unusual about your final setting or application, Mobile Mark can help with a custom design.

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