Heavy Duty, High Vibration Panel Antenna

Style : Panel Antenna

Frequency : 902-928 MHz

Gain : 7 dBic gain

Details : N jack connector built into antenna back plate. This model flush mount with 4 metal reinforced corner holes.

** Please Note, this antenna comes Only in Black on the eStore **


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The heavy-duty RFID panel antennas are designed for rugged, high vibration environments and can stand up to extremely difficult settings.   They can be flush mounted with the four reinforced grommets in the corners, or they can be pole mounted or wall mounted with the optional L-bracket mounting option.  The antenna terminates with a built in N-Jack (female) connector.  The HD7 Series can be configured for either US RFID at 915 MHz or EU RFID at 868 MHz.  It can also be configured for either Right-hand or Left-hand Circular Polarity.

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