Inside Window Mount Antenna

Style: Glass Mount

Frequency: 5.85-5.93 GHz (DSRC), 1575.42 & 1612 MHz (GNSS)

Gain: 6 dBi

Details: BLACK, 1ft cable


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The IWG-5900/1575 is an interior window mounted vehicle antenna that is designed for DSRC at 5.85-5.93 GHz and GNSS at 1575 MHz & 1612 MHz. The two connections use LMR-100 cable with an SMA plug (DSRC) and RG-174 cable with a signal blue fakra jack (GPS), housed in a single ASA plastic radome.  Cable assembles of any length are available to complete the installation.

The IWG-5900/1575 combination DSRC & GNSS antenna mounts inside the vehicle operating on GPS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS or Beidou.  The antenna is attached with double sided very high bonding tape.  No hole is drilled in the vehicle, which makes it a popular choice for DSRC trials using personal vehicles. The antenna element is directly against the glass of the vehicle, facing outward.

This combination DSRC & GNSS antenna measures: 3.56″ x 3.41″ x .47″ D (90 mm x 87 mm x 12 mm).

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