LL-195 (CA Series)

Cable Assembly
This Cable Assembly is AVAILABLE for Expedited 1-Week Turn-Around.

Cable type: Low Loss-195

Key Specs:

Outside diameter: 0.1" (2.5 mm)
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 900 MHz: 0.10 dB
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 2500 MHz: 0.17 dB


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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

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This Cable Assembly is AVAILABLE for Expedited 1-Week Turn-Around.

The LL-195 Cable is a low loss Cable assembly.

Mobile Mark custom cable assemblies are built to order. In addition, there are a  variety of styles & connectors available. Cable assemblies are for site antennas with integrated connectors.

Furthermore, Custom lengths of this cable can be ordered, however 15 ft and 20 ft are the most common lengths. A large range of connectors are also available. All standard cable assemblies/ connectors are 50 Ohm.

LL-195 Cable is our standard cable for applications above 2.5 GHz. Low Loss 195 would be suitable for cable runs over 15 feet (4.5 meters) or in high frequency applications up to 6 GHz.

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