GPS Only Magnet Mount Antenna

Style : Magnet Mount

Frequency : 1575 MHz

Gain : 5 dBi nominal RHCP, 26 dB LNA

Details : Mag-mount antenna (1 cable, GPS only). Black radome. One RG-174 cable, 10-feet (2.5m) long with SMA plug connector.



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The MAG-1575 is a GPS-only mag-mount antenna.  Compact in size, the antenna measures 1 ¾” (45mm) wide by 2” (51mm) long. GPS performance is 26 dB LNA, with 5 dBi antenna gain. Power and signal is applied through the same cabling directly to the GPS antenna.  The antenna is built with 10-feet (3 meters) of RG-174 cable. GPS-only Surface mount antennas (SM-1575) are also available. 

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