Mag-Mount Antenna, 2-cable

Style:  Mag-Mount

Frequency: 5.85-5.93 GHz (DSRC), 1575.42 MHz (GPS)

Gain: 6 dBi for DSRC; 5 dbi for GPS with 26 dBi amplifier

Color: Black

DSRC with 10 feet LL-195 with SMA-Plug

GPS with 10 feet RG-174 with SMA-Plug



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The MAG6-5900/1575 is designed for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and used for Smart Highway trials.  It is a magnet-mount vehicle antenna that covers both DSRC at 5.85-5.93 GHz and GPS at 1575 MHz.

The mag-mount is outfitted with 10 feet (4 meters) of LL-195 cable for the DSRC element and 10 feet (4m) of RG-174 for the GPS element.

The antenna is typically configured with two SMA plug antennas.

The MAG6-5900/1575 combination DSRC & GPS antenna mounts on top of the vehicle or to any metal surface.  No hole is drilled in the vehicle, which makes it a popular choice for DSRC trials using personal vehicles. 

This combination DSRC & GPS antenna measures: 5.5" tall with a 2 5/8" diameter base (14 cm x 6.7 cm).

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