Low Profile Surface Mount Antenna

Frequency: 3.3-3.7 GHz
Gain: 2.5 dBi

Related model:
MRM3-2600 for 2.5-2.7 Ghz Band



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The MRM3-3500 CBRS antennas provide 2.5 dBi gain in a micro-sized package.  The antenna's low profile makes it ideal as a fixed site antenna for data collection and transfer.

This antenna is for Private LTE networks on CBRS (Citizen Band Radio Service) at 3.5 GHz. Also a similar model, the MRM3-2600, is available for the 2.5-2.7 GHz band.

The MRM3-3500 ( CBRS ) measures only 1.35 inches tall and 1 inch wide (34 mm x 25mm). In addition, it mounts easily to a vehicle or fixed utility box. This is through a small 9/16 inches (14.3mm) mounting hole and access is required to the underside of the body surface.

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