Wideband Omni-directional Antenna
(Sub-6 & 5G Ready)

Style:  Site 

Frequency: 617-960 MHz & 1700-6000 MHz

Gain:  2-3 dBi

Ground Plane Independent


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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

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The OD3-600/6000 is a wide band omni-directional antenna that operates on the 617-960 MHz and 1700-6000 MHz frequencies. This antenna offers superior omni-directional coverage for 5G.

This antenna is part of our 626 line and is Sub-5 & 5G. 

Read More about our 626 line or check out our Industrial IoT Antenna Solutions.

Otherwise, Check out our MATCH-UP Guides to find the Antenna Solution for your Device. 

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