Wideband Omni-directional Antenna
(Sub-6 & 5G Ready)

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Frequency & Gain: 617-960 MHz, 2 dBi Gain & 1700-6000 MHz, with 4 dBi Gain

Connector: "N" Jack Female

Ground Plane Independent



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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

Customize the antenna model to meet your requirements.

The OD3-600/6000 is a wideband Omni-directional antenna that operates on the 617-960 MHz and 1700-6000 MHz frequencies. This antenna offers superior Omni-directional coverage for 5G.

This antenna is part of our 626 line and is Sub-5 & 5G. The fiberglass radome (1” diameter/2.5 cm) makes the antennas durable and rugged. They can withstand the harshest environments
of snow, wind, rain, and ice.

The OD Series Antennas are supplied with all the hardware needed to install them to a mast. The OD antennas normally terminate with a female "N" connector.

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