Broadband Device Antenna

Style : Device antenna with SMA

Frequency : 824-894 & 1850-1990 MHz

Gain : 3 dBi peak

Details : Knuckle Swivel, SMA plug


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.The PSKN3-900/1900S CDMA Antenna covers both the US Cellular and GSM/CDMA bands. Peak gain on both bands is 3 dBi. The antenna features a blade style and an adjustable right angle elbow. These antennas measure 7.75 inches (20 cm) in a straight position and 6.75 inches (172 mm) in a right angle position. Available with TNC, SMA or Reverse SMA connector.  The antenna typically terminates with an SMA plug, other connector choices available.  Its knuckle-swivel design allows it to be used in either a straight or right-angle position.

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