5G Cellular Device Antenna
( 5G Global LTE Rubber Duck )

Style : Rubber Duck Style Device Antenna

Frequency & Gain: 617 - 6000 MHz with 3 dBi Peak Gain

Details : Semi-flexible Radome, Adjustable 90° Knuckle Swivel

Connector : SMA Plug



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The PSKN5-626-S Rubber Duck Style 5G Cellular LTE Device Antenna covers the Sub-5 5G band at 617 - 6000 MHz, very wideband. The antenna has a blade style featuring an adjustable right-angle knuckle swivel that is adjustable to three angles: straight, 45° bend, or 90° bend. The PSKN5-626-S is backwards compatible with earlier generations, such as 4G routers. In addition, it pairs nicely with a variety of 5G routers.

These compact "Rubber Duck" antennas measure 5 5/8″ ( 14.3 cm ) tall, 1.92″ ( 49 mm ) wide, and .38″ ( 9.8 mm ) thick in a 90° right-angle position.

This antenna comes with a SMA Plug Connector.

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