Broadband Device Antenna

Style:  Fixed Straight Device Antenna

Frequency: 694-960 & 1710-2700 MHz

Gain: 3 dBi peak

PSN3-700/2700N for N Plug Configuration.

PSN3-700/2700S for SMA Plug Configuration.


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The PSN3-700/2700 LTE Broad Band Halfwave Antenna is the Fixed Straight Configuration of the PSKN3-700/2700 Cellular Device Antenna. This device antenna offers excellent performance for broadband wireless data applications from 694-960 & 1710-2700 MHz, including 4G LTE at 700 MHz, GSM/CDMA, AWS, UMTS, LTE-A and XLTE. The antenna has an "N-Plug" Connector or an SMA Plug connector than can be attached to many 700 MHz devices. For the Knuckle-Swivel Design, Specify PSKN3-700/2700.

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