Wideband Omni-directional Antenna
(Sub-6 & 5G Ready)

Style:  Surface Mount

Frequency: 420 MHz – 6 GHz

Peak Gain:
420-698 MHz: 5 dBi
698-1850 MHz: 3 dBi
1850-2400 MHz: 5 dBi
2400-3700 MHz: 6 dBi
3700-4900 MHz: 7 dBi
4900-6000 MHz: 8 dBi

Connector: Direct N-Jack

Color Available: Tan



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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

Customize the antenna model to meet your requirements.

The TMA-WB1 is a Wideband, highly durable and water resistant mobile antenna, an deal Remote Monitoring Solution. Use for industrial Applications or other heavy duty applications. This includes applications needing access to the entire wideband 5G Cellular band from 600-6000 MHz.  Furthermore, it covers: Band 71 starting at 617 MHz, CBRS from 3550-3700 MHz, and LAA at 5 GHz. In addition, it is for fixed location applications such as remote monitoring or for data transfer and mobile communication from a moving vehicle.

This antenna goes as low as 420 MHz, and reaches our lowest frequency from our 626 Line. Now that is true wideband!

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