Heavy Duty UHF 3-Element Yagi 7dB w/Direct "N" Connector

Formerly Comtelco Antennas; now a Mobile Mark brand.

Models Available & Frequency:
Y3343D-A 406-430 MHz
Y3343D-B 430-450 MHz
Y3343D-C 450-470 MHz
Y3343D-D 470-490 MHz
Y3343D-E 490-512 MHz

Gain: 7 dBd



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Antennas manufactured in our US and UK factories.

Customize the antenna model to meet your requirements.

The Y3343 is a Three Element Yagi is Ideal for UHF Performance.

These antennas provide 7dBd, wide band performance. The construction of our heavy duty yagis feature 1" aluminum U channel with 3/8" solid elements. All exposed areas are coated with UV polyester. The balun assembly is filled and sealed with elastomeric thermoplastic. Lightweight and Durable: These antennas are easily installed by one person. 

These Comtelco Yagi Antennas are now a Mobile Mark brand.

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