Welded Wideband Yagi Antenna

Frequency: 400-800 MHz

Gain: 9 dBi



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The Y42400WB is a High Performance Wideband Yagi Antenna. It has 10 elements and 9dBi / 7dBd gain.

Rugged and Weatherproof: Its hybrid radome construction provides excellent weather protection for our driven element. The radome is made of UV inhibited ABS while the heavy duty mounting plate is made from extruded aluminum. In addition, stainless steel V bolts are provided for long term reliability and ensures its resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, the elements are welded to the boom to provide excellent stability and intermod resistant operation.

Lightweight and Durable: This Yagi antenna is easily installed by one person, yet it can withstand 125 MPH winds. The termination options for the Y42400WB are: Type A: 12″ Teflon pigtail with N connector.

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