Wideband Log Periodic Antenna

Frequency: 600-6000 MHz

Gain:  600-4200 MHz, 14 dBi gain
          4200-6000 MHz, 6 dBi gain



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The Y42700WB is a High Performance 9 element Wideband Log Periodic Antenna.

Rugged and Weatherproof: Our hybrid radome construction provides excellent weather protection for our driven element. In addition, the radome is a UV inhibited ABS and the heavy duty mounting plate is aluminum. Furthermore, it has Stainless steel V bolts for  long term reliability and resistance to corrosion. Also, this antenna has excellent stability and intermod resistant operation.

Lightweight and Durable: This Yagi antenna is easily installed by one person, yet can withstand 125 MPH winds.
Termination Options for the Y42700WB are: Type A: 12" Teflon pigtail with N-Female connector.

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