Fully Welded Yagi Antenna

Frequency Band: 200 - 250MHz
Gain: 8.6 dBd
Termination: Direct Female Type “N” Connector
Weight: Approx. 3 lbs
Length: 52" (1.3m)
Width: 30" (76cm) longest element


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The Y6625D yagi antenna is ideal for wayside infrastructure for PTC ( Positive Train Control ). It is meant to be mounted on the infrastructure to the side of the train tracks. This antenna covers the 220 MHz Band, from 200 to 250MHz with 8.6dBd. It Terminates with a Direct Female Type “N” Connector.

The Y6625D yagi is 52" (1.3m) in length with a width of 30" (76cm) for the longest element. It only weighs approximately 3 lbs.(1.3kg). It is wind rated for 125 MPH (201kph) with a wind load of 30 lbs (13.6kg).

We provide many fully welded yagi antennas just like the Y6625D, Contact Us for other options, otherwise, read more about our LMR Antenna Solutions!

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